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Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2010
The story and life of Snowman Lost His Head (SLHH) remains a mystery and, like the lake monster, still submerged under water. Inside the lost head of this Snowman we find the Minorcan painter and composer Alan Florit (Ciutadella de Menorca, 1979). Since 1997, with his first electronic attempts and after playing drums in a post-rock band called “Sinevara”, Alan decided to embellish the winters of the island with the sounds that blossom from his head. His renewed identity was expressed in numerous experimental electronic and ambient albums, some of them edited in digital format by international netlabels such as Webbed Hand Records, who published his two most significant works, “Monster” (2007) and “The tightrope walker without balance” (2011). Alan defines his compositions as “bedroom music” and it is from this artistic refuge of experimentation -sheltered from the north wind- that his new project comes to us, flat out and delicious, titled “Mei” (Velomar Records, 2015), SLHH's fi…